Miranda Kerr shares her Styling Secrets - Swarovski

How would you describe Swarovski in three words?

Sparkling, modern and versatile.

What do you like the most about Swarovski jewelry?

It’s affordable, it’s beautiful, it’s elegant, it’s cool. it’s chic and it’s fun.

And when you think of crystal, what comes to mind?

I think of sparkle, of the sun shining through the crystals, of lightness and brightness.

What makes you sparkle?

As well as my Swarovski jewelry, what makes me sparkle is having fun, being silly, being in nature, enjoying time with my son and laughing with friends.

What is it about jewelry that can give a woman an extra boost of confidence?

It makes her shine and sparkle – and that’s why I really love Swarovski.

What, in your eyes, would be a good reason for a woman to buy herself a piece of jewelry?

If you’ve been working really hard, it’s good to spoil yourself, and life is for living, so I think every woman should treat herself every now and then. And if she sees something she likes, she might as well enjoy it now and not wait for someone else to buy it for her.